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LOVE: Believing Witches EXIST


Latinos LOVE believing in witches. And NO, we don't mean your mother-in-law or coworker. We're referring to "real" witches (not saying your suegrita doesn't come close). My grandmother SWORE to me that witches exist and that she saw one in the 1940s. She says they fly, are ugly, and fall in love with men. As a love-token they leave their precious "neon-colored yellow" stool where their love interest resides. The only way you can get rid of a witch is by setting their feces on fire. Yes, my abuelita is a great storyteller. Hence, where I got my wonderful creative writing ability from. She told me a witch fell in love with my uncle and that it would always take a crap in her backyard. Grandma got tired of that bruja's shit and burnt the excrement and BEGONE! The witch went away for good. Brokenhearted. I'm sure. But, what can I say? Since my grandma told me this I HAVE to believe her. Although, I've caught her on a few lies, don't you dare call my abuelita a liar!

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