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LOVE: Weird Names

Latinos LOVE giving their children weird names. We've already mentioned we like to give our children Biblical Names, Long Names, Nicknames, and American Names. But we knew we were missing one of them. Unlike some people who like to name their children after a street, or a fruit, we like to name a child a name no one in the world could think of. We like to think outside the box. We do not only give our children superbly odd names no one has, we'll even spell it weird to purposely confuse you.

My sister recently bumped into this Latino couple who have been living in the United States for less than 2 years. They had a newborn baby with them that my sister thought was really cute so she asked them his name. They told her in Spanish that the name is pronounced as ōr-na-bi. My sister thought it was unique so she asked the lady to spell it. She said O-L-D-N-A-V-Y.

My sister replied, "Oooh... nice!" ;)

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