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LOVE: Tony Croatto

Latinos LOVE Hermes Davide Fastino Croatto Martinis better known as Tony Croatto. Tony Croatto is an Italian singer, composer, and TV personality mainly known for singing Puerto Rican folk music. Born on March 2, 1940 (some sources state it was in 1939) in the province of Udine, it was not until 9 years later that his family would leave Italy behind. Settling in Uruguay, at age 19, Croatto started a singing group with his brother and sister called "TNT."





TNT stood for their nicknames: Tony, Nelly, and Tim. He was a farmer and a carpenter before he took up singing. When TNT made itself known to the public, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela quickly fell in love with his music too. Years later, his brother left the group kissing "TNT" goodbye.

Croatto made a move to Puerto Rico with his Argentinian wife, Raquel Montero (who he later had a son with, Alejandro Croatto, and a daughter, now actress, Mara Croatto). It was there in Puerto Rico that he stumbled upon a new found love—jibaro music. He was also grateful by how well the people of the island treated him that he called himself a "born again Puerto Rican." In the year 2000, Puerto Rico passed a resolution making Tony Croatto its adoptive son, the proclamation can be viewed here. Croatto divorced his wife and remarried twice. His second wife was also an actress, Glorivee, who he had a son with, Hermes Croatto. He then divorced her and had a third wife, Lillian Arroyo. He died in 2005 of lung and brain cancer. May he R.I.P. Below is one of his songs that I absolutely adore. Latinos will always love Tony Croatto! Image Source: Wiki


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