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LOVE: TOBI (El Angel)

Latinos LOVE TOBI. Tobi is a 1978 film written by Horacio Valcárcel and Antonio Mercero. The movie is about a little boy named Tobi who turns out to be an angel. The child, Tobi, played by actor Lolo Garcia, is growing wings on his back. Tobi's parents take him to the hospital where doctors and scientists begin experimentation, put him under observation, and later on perform surgery to remove the wings on what they note is a rare case never seen or heard of before. Since Tobi was born an angel, his wings grow back. At the end of movie, Tobi ascends to heaven where he belongs leaving his parents behind.

Tobi (El Angel) is by far the first movie I ever recall watching (Menudo is the second). And I love it so much! I still cry when I watch it on YouTube. Especially in the finale when Tobi leaves his relatives to go to heaven (so sad when his parents beg him to come back). *tear*tear* This movie has its sentimental moments along with its comical ones. He was not the typical angel, he cursed a lot! We're sure God washed his mouth with soap when he got there. Lovely film.

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