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LOVE or HATE: The Smell of Food

Latinos LOVE and HATE the smell of Spanish/Latin food. Or any type of food for that matter. Did I bewilder you? Let's break it down.

LOVE: We love the smell of food, especially when we're ravenous. There's no better aroma in the world than that of a baked pernil (pork), pavo (turkey), chicken, or that of your favorite dish. Let's not forget how great coffee smells either, especially if you know that one specific person who makes it just the way you like it. Have you ever driven down a neighborhood that you know LATINO people live there just because you smell the fried chuletas? That's how you know you've stepped foot in Latinolandia. Refreshing and appetizing! Yum!

HATE: We hate the smell of food after we're done eating and feeling full, but what we really hate is when that scent clings to our clothes. We're sure you know an individual whose house you have to go to because they know how to cook super yum yummy food. Whether it is a relative or a friend. You're happy to visit. Even happier to stay for dinner. You don't complain while eating that delicious rice and beans with bistec empanizado (breaded steak). Sure enough, when you're finito and leaving the house the first thing you ask the person next to you is, "Apesto a comida?" (Do I stink like food?). You might be reeking! It doesn't always smell as good as it taste. However, if you're a TRUE Latino, there's nothing a little perfume/cologne can't handle, which we're more than certain it is readily available if you reach in your pockets! Where else would you keep it?

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