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The Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival

guinea pig

Have you heard about the “Annual Peruvian Fashion Show Festival of the Guinea Pig” held in Huacho, Peru? It is an event Peruvians look forward to every year. They get to dress Guinea Pigs in all sorts of cute festive colors (Latinos like making their pets as fashionable as them), Barbie clothes, fedoras, and sexy little outfits too. They even torture the little rodents by stapling the hats unto their skin so they can stay put. First they dress them, then they torture them and then they EAT them. Farmers and chefs in Peru gather presenting their best guinea pig dishes (or as they call it “CUY") fried, grilled, or baked chopping off the head and paws and sometimes leaving it on for display purposes. It is said to be one of the tastiest meats. CUY anyone? UY! We’ll pass!

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