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LOVE: Fitting Many People In a Small Car

silver car

LATINOS have a unique talent of fitting many people in a small car. We even came up with a genial strategy in doing this: Pepito sits all the way to the back, you lean forward, Paco can lay across, sit Maria on your lap, Pedro is tiny enough, you can fit him in the trunk. Don't laugh at us. We mean well. We feel bad for our poor friends and don't want them to take the bus.

We fit people in a car like salchichas en una lata because darn it, we're good people who care about our loved ones! That is, until the driver gets a ticket. Then everyone has gots to hit the road! That's when you'll hear from the conductor, "Ay no, you all have to chip-in to pay for this ticket!" If the driver is still not happy they may follow up with a, "Mira, ese cop was an assh@le. Que racist!"

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