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HATE: Slow Drivers

Slow Drivers: Sure, we like living life on the fast lane (safely), but if there is anything we HATE is turtle drivers. Now officers, if you're reading this, do know we keep it under the speed limit *ahem* so refrain from racial profiling. We just hate people who drive 5 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone.

Recently, I was on the highway on my way to an important event. Why did I have the enormous luck to cross someone, NOT on the slow lane, driving at 20 mph who almost made me crash— twice?! This person hit the brakes, ON THE HIGHWAY... TWICE! This would even give a nun road rage! :twisted: My patience met its limit since I was also on a race against time. I passed the driver, ready to give her my two cents. As I swerved, I rolled down the window prepared to release my outburst. Until I noticed it was a really OLD lady who was shaking and driving. She seem scared to be driving. Out of utter shock, what was supposed to be a, "You POS get off the road!" turned into a very respectful, "Um, erm, uh, drive SAFELY ma'am!"  Mira, I respect my elders!

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