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LOVE: Santeria

SANTERIA is a religion. Latinos are diverse: we are Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, Jews, Buddhists, etc. However, we can't deny that some Latinos have practiced Santeria at one point in their lifetime regardless of their beliefs. C'mon now, don't fake the funk. Before you became a born again Christian you know you probably cut off a few chicken heads, te diste un bath de white flowers con Agua de Florida, buried a piece of meat in a cemetery along with your enemies name, and wore white as you hailed in the most profound manner ever,

"Que VivA Changooo!!!"

Even if you are a Christian or have always been you probably went to a psychic, got a palm/card reading or te leyeron la borra de café.

HATE: Latinos Hate Latinos

LOVE: Talking At The Same Time & Understanding What Everyone Said