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LOVE: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers: We did not mean the band, though Latinos do love them too. We are referring to pimiento. Latinos LOVE Peppers! It does not matter what color they come in, the hotter they are the better. We mentioned we love pique (hot sauce), but we love the peppers used to make that salsa picante even more. We love hot peppers so much we eat them alone. Oh yeah, we are daring! We will eat a hot pepper like nothing until you see smoke coming out of our mouth and ears (just like the cartoons, no lie! Mira, Latinos don't lie). Latinos aren't afraid of spicy foods, we love our food so hot, we do not realize how picante it is until it makes our mouths numb and our eyes tear a bit. Then that is when we'll say, "Picaba un poco, verdad?"

LOVE: Thin Eyebrows

LOVE: King Pine