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LOVE: Push-up Bras

Want a lift? Latinas LOVE Push-up bras. There is no shame in our game (at the least we admit it). I, my gorgeous darlings, confess as to why my breasts always look so perky and hot, because I wear push-up bras! The secret is out! Push-up bras make my 34B seem like a 34C. When people ask me if I have implants, I smile and say, "Nope, they are natural." I'm not lying. So what if the bra lends me a hand. Push-up bras are not painful, they cost less than surgery and they do the job. Why not take advantage of this wonderful invention brought to us since the 14th century?! Latinas love wearing clothes that compliment their silhouette from the conservative woman to the more revealing one. And Push-up bras make women's breasts look so perfect, why not use them? They are there to cater to every woman at any size. It makes the girls jealous, the boys drool, and it keeps you cool in school. Well, not necessarily, but either way—I'm IN!

LOVE: Eyeliner

HATE: Imaginary Friends