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LOVE: Psychics, Fortune Tellers, Spiritualists

Latinos LOVE palm/tarot readers, fortune tellers, psychics, brujas, espiritistas, clarividentes, etc. Whatever you'd like to call them, they are people who tell you your future. This is quite different from our posting on Santeria. Santeria is a religion. Many Latinos who believe in espiritistas (psychics) don't necessarily need be Santeros. Usually, they are of a different religion, but find comfort on being told what tomorrow has in store for them.

Even a skeptic will visit a bruja (witch) at least once in a lifetime to see if they're good or fake. There's always that one espiritista someone would brag about that the whole neighborhood esteems. And there's also the bad ones that people will hate and say:

"Eso es un buscon. Un pillo de primera clase! Don't go to him, he doesn't know anything.  I paid him $25 for 5 min. for him to say that someone will get sick in my family/or die, that there will be changes in my life and that I'm going on a trip... how convenient!"

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