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LOVE: Pretending we do NOT speak English

We love pretending we do NOT speak English. There are situations that happen in life that I like to call "Emergency moments" as when an extremely ugly guy tries to talk to you in English and instead of hurting his feelings (Latina women are so kind they would NEVER do such a thing!) we just pretend we do not understand what they are saying. A few years ago, my sister and I were on the train and a very weird looking man was trying to flirt with us. He liked my sister more than me (thank goodness) because she has something I do not possess—PECHONALIDAD.

My sister's breasts are naturally huge. And of course this American guy was not interested in my small pechugas. My sister had the nerve of saying as she smiled, "Que dice?!" The man turned to me and asked, "Oh, she doesn't speak any English?" My sister replied, "Naw, No ENGLEEEESH." He told me to tell her that she was very beautiful. Pretending I was translating I was really telling my sister, "Hija de la buena madre no te hagas!"

But she stuck to her guns, which means that I was the one he chatted up towards the whole ride. :oops: Oh well, I guess that's what sisters are for. :-?

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