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LOVE: Pollo del Vivero

LATINOS love Pollo del Vivero, which is really a live poultry market where you can buy fresh chicken. They will even slaughter the hen right in front of you (in the case you'd like to watch if you are into that sort of thing). You get to go in that chicken coop, choose the chicken you like, whether is a tiny or big fat juicy one, you point at it and the chicken killer takes that poor animal as if it were his bitch and a fuetaso con ella.

Firstly, let me explain how dreadful this whole process is. Until this very day, I cannot walk into one of those places. It stinks like well, dirty ass chicken! When I was younger and my mom sent me on an errand to get one for her, honestly, I'd gag walking in. And I couldn't believe how people just hang in that place as if it were a flower shop. I  think they're crazy, I mean don't they smell that horrid smell!?! Secondly, it is quite sad how you get to play God with the chickens. Those feathered creatures look at you and talk to you with their little beady eyes: "Not me bitch, don't pick me, I have Salmonella!"

Sure enough, you choose one, hope they murder her quickly and  then run out of there, all of this while you hold your breath. I would run out of that place like my life depended on it just to catch some air! It was torture. Thirdly, when you get home, I admit, that when my mom cooks fresh chicken broth, it tastes great. It works as a home remedy when one is sick and weak. It even revives people who have died! Well, not quite, but it feels like it sort of does.

The odd and yummy part is eating the chicken legs, which look quite creepy laying on your plate, but they are tasty. The liver isn't bad either. We know, we know, is a good nasty. But do you know what tastes so horrible about the fresh chicken? The CHICKEN. No matter how long you cook it, is not soft, you have to chew that bitch about 100 times to break it down into small easy to swallow particles! Nonetheless, we won't completely knock it, it cured many of our colds.

I still refuse to go in one of those places, but am at ease that my family now also enjoys neatly packaged chicken ready to cook.

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