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LOVE: Piñatas

Piñatas: Latinos LOVE  Piñatas! A piñata is a decoration widely used at children's birthday parties. Usually made from cardboard covered in brightly colored papier-mâché where its shape varies according to the party's theme. We like to fill them with candy, chocolates, small toys and all sorts of goodies so the children can destroy them by either pulling the strings (that opens up the piñata) or beating it with a bat to get the goods.

This is NO easy task for a child. First, we blindfold the kid. Second, we spin'em. And then they strike the piñata. The child goes crazy swinging the bat that you hope he mistakenly hits the annoying cousin of yours you had to invite out of courtesy. Unfortunately, that won't happen and he/she will break open the piñata. All the children will jump in to grab the treats and they all have fun under the Latino sun. It seems now many people have the Latino fever (spread the love) because many other cultures are adopting this as well and making piñatas part of their child's life.

We're contagious my people!

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