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Our 5 Fave Beauty Brands for Women of Color

Our 5 Fave Beauty Brands for Women of Color

We'd like to share our current top 5 Fave Beauty Brands for Women of Color. When it comes to beauty, it's really hard to choose one brand that is best suited for Latinas. Many Latinas are biracial. Or their skin tones vary from extremely light to very dark. We like brands that tend to cater to all women and that no matter what you purchase, it may still be a good choice for your skin tone. The brands we chose, range in prices from affordable to somewhat costly. Truth is, you can look good without breaking the bank. Although, we like these brands, we're also letting you know the positives (love) and any negatives (hate) about them. Below you'll find our top 5 Fave Beauty Brands for Women of Color...



BH cosmetics is one of the most affordable and one of our top favorites. They sell everything from bronzers to foundations for all complexions. Offering good quality makeup at unbeatable prices.

  • LOVE: Their eyeshadow palettes and brush sets.

  • HATE: Few products can be hit or miss. We frown upon some of their lipsticks, but hey, you can't win' em all!



ColourPop is truly amazing. Many of their items are just $5! The pigmentation is spectacular. But we do have our reservations.

  • LOVE: Nearly everything on their site.

  • HATE: Their Super Shock Shadows are everything dreams are made of. Until, you forget to close the cap quickly and it'll crumble on you. It'll be the fastest way to lose $5! Their concealers are adored in the beauty community. But we weren't huge fans of them. And while their lip products are great, some are indeed too drying.


  • LOVE: We're huge fans of this brand. LC sells everything from hair dye to fake nails. We can't live without their liquid lipsticks. They are also certified vegan and cruelty-free. And boast about loving their furry friends.

  • HATE: They are more or just as expensive as MAC. There's politics/controversy that dissuaded many influencers from promoting them. The company, however, seems dedicated in rectifying past mistakes.


  • LOVE: What's not to love? We've been using this brand since high school. We can be 100 years old and will still stop by a MAC store to get one of their lipsticks. BTW, their lipsticks are LIFE!

  • HATE: Their prices keep going up. Like, c'mon you guys, we know there's competition. But when you raise the prices, it makes us go for the competitors even if we don't want to. They also discontinued our favorite mascara, ZOOM Lash. Damn you!!!


  • LOVE: The pigmentation of their eyeshadows, especially the metallic ones.

  • HATE: Some of their eyeshadows are chalky. They really need to work on the formulation. Also, the palettes we've purchased don't come with a mirror. So, unless you have one in front of you, it's an inconvenience. All in all, they are a fairly new company. There's always room for improvement.

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