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LOVE: Opening Cans with a Knife

Opening Cans with a Knife. Forget a can opener! Latinos do NOT need advanced technology, they do things the old fashioned way (if need be). If there is anything we DO KNOW is how to survive. One thing I must admit is that I do not know how to cook. I know, I know, I am a disgrace to the Latino race *I bow my head in shame*. I have let you ALL down mi gente! But I am going to be honest here. I HATE the kitchen more than what it hates me (I've burnt down a couple of kitchens in my life). Don't judge, I am a modern woman! *ahem*

Nonetheless, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to learn how to cook. My cousin came over to teach me how to do rice and beans (a Latino staple). We had to open a can of tomato sauce and I proudly whipped out the can opener (I know what those kitchen gadgets are for!), but it actually stopped working that second (told you the kitchen hates me!). I said, "How are we going to cook now?" She stood quiet for a brief moment, took a kitchen knife, stabbed a couple of holes in it, managed to open the can and... voila, she saved the day! Mighty Mouse  cuz in da' house! ;)

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