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HATE: Nursing Homes

LATINOS hate, Hate, HATE Nursing Homes. It is a Latino commandment, "Thou shall take care of your parents until they expire." Heaven forbid you marry a non-Latino. The minute you move in to your new place (with your mom right behind you carrying the suitcases) he will say, "How nice babe, your mom is carrying our bags." And you'll respond, "Oh no honey, she's coming with us." If you're marrying a Latino(a) consider yourself forewarned. Don't even THINK about suggesting a nursing home.

Latinos see Nursing homes as a torture chamber for the elderly. It doesn't matter how annoying or old your grandparents/parents are, a Latino HAS to care for them until the day they die. If they don't you better bet your life that the relatives will call you a "Malagradecido!"

They raised you and cared for you. You owe them (and the men upstairs *ahem*) your existence. That's the least you can do malparido!

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