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LOVE: Name-Calling

Latinos LOVE name-calling. And my family wins the prize for this one. When my sisters and I were little, we used to pick on each other. I had one sister that cried over anything, so we called her "mantequilla" (butter), and then we switched it up and started calling her PARKAY. I have a cousin who doesn't speak English very well (love her to pieces), she converted to Christianity and constantly says, "God Bless You" multiple times throughout the day in her broken English, so we call her "ga-bles-chu"! To make matters worse since I was such a hyperactive child and was ALWAYS jumping around, my dad called me TRINCALLO, which apparently is an insect of some sort found in the water that's always hopping. Even my parents were mean. You see that. ;) Did you suffer from any name-calling? Were you the victim or offender?

LOVE: Pilones

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