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LOVE: Mormons

Latinos love Mormons. Why? Because they are daring souls! Mormons walk around the deepest, meanest, hardcore streets of the ghetto that some gang members wouldn't even DARE set foot in. Mormons have a lot of heart and faith, we love and admire their bravery and mission. It doesn't hurt they're kind of cute either. I have a Latina friend who has been in every religion you can imagine. I'm hoping every god/deity she has praised before is praying for her now. Every time I stumble upon her she believes something new and different and tries to convince me to convert. She used to be a Catholic who became a Christian, then a Buddhist, until the Quran intrigued her, but then she started dating a Jew. Not so long ago she became a Mormon, but it was a brief conversion. I asked her why. She said, "Ay mija, I liked this Mormon, he was so hot and I joined the church, but I quit. Mira, y que he was saving himself for marriage!"

Pobrecita amiga mia, se quedo con las ganas de tener una experiencia religiosa!

LOVE: Overfeeding You

HATE: Nursing Homes