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LOVE: The Broom

Latinos LOVE brooms. A broom has multiple uses for Latinos. We do NOT only use it to sweep, but also to:

  • Knock something off the top shelf we cannot reach (via the broomstick).
  • Use as a weapon! Don't step on la Doñita's basura when she's sweeping if you don't want a cocotaso!
  • Kill rodents (Mice tremble before the presence of a broom, just FYI).

And last, but not least, to tell your upstairs neighbors to shut the hell up (i.e., when they're too loud during any sexual activity or to warn the children upstairs to stop running and making noise when you're trying to rest!). How do we do this? With the broomstick pounding on the ceiling, warning them to keep quiet before you take your arse upstairs and kick someone's behind.

LOVE: Giving Unsolicited Advice

LOVE: Being too Opinionated