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LOVE: Radiola & Tocadiscos

Latinos LOVE Radiolas and Tocadiscos (record players & phonographs). I recall my father had one of them that was the size of a casket. Actually, on the photo above, I'm the one with the white dress sitting on top of it with my sister. (That photo is about 17 years old *ahem*) ;) This was my father's most prized possession. I dare say he loved that tocadisco more than what he loved me. When my mom made him throw it away (years later), he cried! Shoot, I used to love it too! I would listen to all of my MENUDO songs thanks to this giganormous thing...Subete a mi motooo!♫ Below is a picture of the smaller more modern ones similar to that disc jockeys use today.

Image Source: Wiki- Sergio Moises Panei Pitrau

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