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LOVE: Playing The Lottery

Latinos LOVE playing the lottery, just because gambling is part of our nature. Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 6, Mega Millions, scratch offs, you name it, we love it. As a matter of fact we love it so much we invest every penny we own in our fantasy of becoming rich one day. All you need is a dollar and a dream! And we've got a dollar! It may be all some of us have, but hey, you never know. There's always that one Latino who buys the scratch-off games and calls you an idiot for playing the lottery. He'll say, "Y que Pick 3 or Pick 4, mirame a mi, con estos scratch offs, I already won $20!" (Disregarding the fact that he probably bought $100 worth of it.) Let's not forget the elderly who wait for the first of the month for their Social Security check to come in and then they throw it all away at the casinos just to play for hours in the slot machines. You know, the ones you play with and win no money in, then you walk away, some bastard drops in a few quarters and 5 minutes later they win thousands of dollars and you just want to choke them? That never happened to you? Us neither. *ahem* Anyhow, we believe in gambling, because Latinos are ambitious people. Latinos will play and gamble with their money. NEVER argue with a Latino and tell them that playing the lottery is a waste of time and money because it is certain they'll bring up a rare case story about a poor person that played the lottery ONCE and now he is a multimillionaire. AHA, that explains it!

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