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LOVE: PIRACY- Dile "NO" a la Pirateria!!!

Piracy: Latinos love quality products at affordable prices and if other people want to cater to us by providing extremely good material for cheap that looks like the real deal (even if it isn't) then that's fine with us. We're willing to consider engaging in illegal activities that are of minimal offense by purchasing black market movies, downloading music for free, and buying bootleg products (sometimes they  turn out to be really good *or so we've heard* ahem). Please note that Latinos are good people who happen to like a bargain (hence our fave 99¢ stores). Nobody's perfect.

We know you want us to say "NO to piracy" and trust us, we TRULY want to neglect and turn away from those hustling vendors offering you two movies (that are still playing in the theaters) for $10.00. You read that? Ten dollars! That's less than one movie ticket and your whole family will be able to watch both movies for less than, well, you do the math. We don't condone anything unlawful or felonious on this site. Therefore, next time you spot one of those street "salesman" (that look like they're going to rob you instead of sell you something) before they try to get a word in just...

 Say NO! Then GO! And TELL somebody you know! 

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