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LOVE: Owning Weird Pets

LATINOS love owning weird pets from reptiles to squirrels. Latinos love, love, love odd pets! We've come to the conclusion that Latinos are such caring people, they want to give love to the animals no one really cares about. Let's talk weird. I had a neighbor who owned a ferret. Her house was a stink bomb. I never visited, but I smelled the funk from downstairs. It was horrid. Didn't know how they survived, but they did. This, however, wasn't as bad as a high school friend of mine who decided to care for an injured squirrel. Really, who in the right mind has a pet squirrel? A Latino! She fed and cared for that squirrel until it healed and when it did, it bit her. The squirrel went mad (it's their natural state), running wild in her house, it didn't want to be contained. One day I went to visit her and the squirrel went gaga jumping over people and the curtain rods. I was terrified! Don't fret my pets, the story gets better. This chubby kid in my neighborhood had a pet hamster he spent a lot of "alone time" with. Not so odd eh? Think again! The kids on the block started wondering what was so great about this hamster that he would rather play with it and not with them.  Curiosity killed the kids! Once they barged in on him in the bathroom and guess what he was making that poor pet hamster run around? *Disgusting* Did I mention I had a (Latino) friend who owned a pigeon? And of course, this doesn't exclude me from owning a strange pet. My mom once bought me a pet chick. I had a chick pet! What was I supposed to do with it? I'll tell you. I put clothes on it (I borrowed it from one of my dolls), I baptized it with cold water (Latinos are very religious) and when it got hungry, I fed it CHICKEN. No wonder it died in a week!

HATE: Nursing Homes

LOVE: Guillermo Dávila