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LOVE: Opening Fire Hydrants

Opening Fire Hydrants: If you grew up in an urban Latino neighborhood you will agree that while most kids go to water parks over the summer, Latinos tend to create an amusement park of their own when the heat is scorching outside. And how do they do this? By opening the fire hydrants to cool themselves off with the water. Growing up in such city, I used to look forward to someone opening the fire hydrant during those heat waves. It was only a matter of minutes before the firemen arrived to shut it down. After they left, someone would open it again. One can argue it is a waste of water and dangerous, but when you are a child (in an inner city) these sorts of things were considered fun and unforgettable.

I thought it was hilarious how people used to use it as a car wash driving slowly through the water to get their cars cleansed. Now, that I am all grown up, when I pass by an open pump in such towns, I put up my car windows quite upset as I utter, "Darn it those kids!" Then I laugh, as it surely brings memories when I was once one of those kids too.

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