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LOVE: More than one person in the Bathroom

More than one person in the bathroom... Latinos LOVE invading your privacy by NOT giving you any. If you are using the bathroom you better lock the door because it is certain someone will come in to grab some tissue, brush their teeth, or ask you a question. Hellloooo???? Perhaps, this is done when you have a big family and share one bathroom, but even if you have two+ bathrooms it does not matter, someone is bound to walk-in. ADM, can they knock first? No. Once my aunt  (who I had not seen in years) was visiting the states, she walked in on me when I was ready to take a shower. In complete nudity, I quickly tried to cover myself with the towel. Last time she saw me I was five!! Then she had the audacity to say, "Ay nena no te preocupes si yo tengo lo mismo que tu!" :roll:

LOVE: Black Coffee (Café Negro)

LOVE: Pancakes (Pancay)