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LOVE: Los Van Van

Latinos LOVE Los Van Van (The Go-Gos). Even saying their name is exciting! Los Van Van is one of the most well-known and respected Cuban bands there is for over forty years now. Founded in 1969 by Juan Formell and reinventing music in ways no one thought possible, Los Van Van bring nothing less than the finest music there is to offer. Uplifting the spirit of their people with their sound, we are glad that they are sharing it with the rest of us as well. They've traveled the world to entertain fans that remain loyal to their music—music that is too unique and incomparable.

Wiki reports that they managed to do this by "Using a charanga line-up (flute, string instruments, and rhythm section) as its base, Los Van Van added trombones, and was the first Cuban group to use synthesizers and drum machines. Initially, their sound was a fusion of son montuno, rumba, and North American rock and pop. Later Los Van Van incorporated funk, disco, and hip hop." In the year 2000, they won a Latin Grammy for their album "Llegó Van Van."

Since the band has been active for four decades, they've switched members from time to time. As of 2011, the band's main singers consists of Roberto "Roberton" Hernandez, Yeni Valdes, and Lele Rosales. Juan Formell's son, Samuel Formell is also part of the band playing the drums and serving as Los Van Van's musical director. Their music is so fantastic that even if you do not know how to dance, listening to such lively beats will make you get up out of your seat and start moving your two little feet!


Images Source: Havana Cultura & Wiki

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