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LOVE: Check Cashings

Latinos love Check Cashings. Many Latinos LOVE spending money (not all, there's lots of tightwad ones that pinch pennies y no se beben una soda para no botar la lata). Many Latinos prefer going to a Check Cashing place instead of a bank. Why let their money sit on a bank to rot? What good is it going to do there?

You can say it was until recent Latinos were saving money under their mattress. They probably stopped doing so because there's always one slick relative who finds your stash y se roba hasta los clavos de la cruz. LATINOS avoided banks for years because they thought that place was for people with real money that could make actual transactions, but then came along Banco Popular and we thought, "Hmmm, banks are really for everyone now!" How neat. Still, that doesn't stop them from going to a Check Cashing before trying to think they have to save the money that they actually need NOW!

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