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LOVE: Being too Emotional

Latinos love being too emotional. What can I say? We're good people! Most of us have thin skin. We're too kind! We love helping others and we're easily moved by heart wrenching stories. Did I tell you my story on how I was abducted by cruel six-legged aliens, but I was rescued by a good Latino family who raised me, gave me a nice warm home to live in and put me through college? No? That's because it never happened! But I'm sure if I said that in a room filled with Latinos they would all start sobbing and they'll tell me how proud they are of me turning out so well.

There's a HUGE misconception about Latinos. Latinos DO love to curse people out, not because we're bad people, it is due to mean people hurting our feelings, and so, we react by being too emotional. Don't incriminate or judge us. A hug would be nice.

We also tend to be overly grateful. Ever helped out a Latino and he cried or thanked you about 1,000 times? Even if you get more out of the bargain than he does? That's because we're not used to people being nice to us (then they blame us for being emotionally responsive). When you do a good deed to a Latino, they may:

  • Cry;
  • Cook your favorite meal or take you out;
  • Thank you every time they see you and tell you how eternally grateful they are; or
  • All of the above.

You can give us a job recommendation, pay raise, help us out with a little cash, clean our car, and you can bet on your momma's life that emotions will be shown. While the random non-Latino person would say, "Gee thanks, that was nice of you, let me know if I can ever do anything for you." Not a Latino. A Latino would make you his brother for life for looking out for him. Also, when a boss or colleague demeans us we react angrily because we're emotional beings. They're the unprofessional ones for talking down to us. All in all, we mean no harm. Really! Don't listen to the Latino myths. We're kind loving people who want the best for others and ourselves. Forgive us for being human, you brute!

Wow, I have to say, this was one of my deepest and most meaningful blog posts ever.  Please excuse me, I need a moment. *tear*tear*

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