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LOVE: Long Hair

Long hair is beautiful. But allow us to tell you why having super long hair isn't attractive. Some women LOVE long hair. As in letting their hair grow long. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that...some women like to let their hair grow super loooong! Sometimes they grow their hair so long it goes from HOT to NOT. First of all, if you're short, long hair will make you look shorter. It is not a good idea. Secondly, I assure you, that when you do number two (yes, I'm taking it back to Pre-K) there is no way you can wipe yourself without the hair interfering (we will spare the details). Thirdly, we get it, your hair is beautiful, but we need NOT see 1,000 inches of it COUSIN ITT! Extremely long hair is a pet peeve of mine. If it is way below your waist, your hair is too long. Some women actually think it looks cute. I stumbled upon a woman (she wasn't Latina) at a retail store who had her long hair up to her ankles. No lie! Since she was catching attention (for all of the wrong reasons) she swore she looked sexy. It killed me inside as she gloriously boasted that she had not cut her hair in decades. I wanted to attack her with a pair of scissors and give her an instant makeover. The fact that she was about 4'11" added insult to injury. From behind she looked like a mega sized abnormal rat!!! {{{HYPERVENTILATING}}}

LOVE: Men Ponytails

LOVE: Doobies