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LOVE: Catching Lightning Bugs (fireflies)

My sisters and I couldn't possibly be the only ones who played with them! We used to love going in our backyard to catch lightning bugs and putting them in jars. Whoever caught the most fireflies won. It was so much fun. The peace, laughter, and joy we found playing such innocent games was priceless. Of course, we always thought my sister Maria would endup becoming an entomologist because she used to love dissecting and removing the glowing section of the bug in extreme concentration. Weird. She actually hates insects. And to be honest, so do I. A few days ago, I arrived home later than usual. On my way in the house, I felt something on me, it was a firefly. Out of utter panic I killed it while screaming from the top of my lungs (I'm not one with nature). I sent that thing flying to insect heaven instantly! Smashed it mercilessly! Boy am I all grown up. Those things creep me out now.

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