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Ismael Miranda (El Niño Bonito de la Salsa)

Ismael Miranda 1 El último románticoLatinos LOVE Puerto Rican singer and composer, Ismael Miranda. Miranda was born in 1950 and by age 11 he was already entertaining the public with his music. Born in Puerto Rico, he later moved to New York. He was signed on to the FANIA label and by age 19 he became the youngest member of the Fania All-Stars. Miranda is also known as "El Niño Bonito de la Salsa" (the pretty boy of Salsa). Just like many in the entertainment industry he fell into the sex and drugs game until he hit rock bottom and lost it all.

Being no longer famous many turned their backs on him, but one. He crossed paths with a friend that introduced him to Christ, he converted, and changed his life around. Miranda dedicates his newfound success to the Lord and has gained twofold everything he lost. He is still with us, gracing us with his presence, and his one of a kind music.

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