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LOVE: Home Remedies

Latinos LOVE thinking that Home Remedies are the cure to everything and anything. While some remedies are helpful (i.e., a tsp. of honey for a cold) others are really not as they are quite absurd. Personally, I suffer from asthma. This disease truly sucks. I cannot run without getting exhausted and petting animals has led me straight to ER on numerous occasions. Asthma is my enemy (I'm totally begging for a pity party here!).

Growing up I could not play any sports. I hated gym class. When the teacher divided us into teams (guess who was the last one they picked to play with them?! And then they would groan in discontentment). So my mother's friend had a bright idea of putting an end to my misery. She came up with a home remedy where one had to cut the heads of 7 lizards, boil them in water, and then drink it. Some people even swore by it (there's always a daughter of a friend's friend who tried this and miraculously terminated the illness)! My mom thought she was a total nutjob and she never did it.

God knows I would have rather run away from home with my Albuterol pump in hand before drinking that gruesome remedy.

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