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HATE: When you Honk the Horn

This may be something many people dislike and not just Latinos, but Latinos REALLY hate when someone honks the horn at them while driving. This is utterly annoying. When someone honks the horn at us, not only do we put a face of displeasure as we threaten you with a menacing look via our rear view mirror, we will also hit the roof of our car and yell, "Pasame por encima!" (Jump/Pass over me).  We may add some explicit words to that statement. We will also say things of this nature:

  • What do you want me to speed so I can get a ticket just for you?!
  • You must have to go use the bathroom if you're in such a hurry!
  • Are you in a rush to die? No. Right? You can wait a*****e!!!

Not that you can hear us, but trust me that's what we're shouting inside our cars. Out of all things in the world, this is one of the things that's extremely annoying to us thus increasing our road rage. *Beep*Beep* makes us want to kill YOU! Well, not quite, but it sorta does. So please, if you notice the car in front of you has a Latin flag on it (i.e., bumper sticker, flag hanging from the rear view mirror) for your sake, refrain from honking the horn. We'd truly appreciate it. Thank you.

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