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LOVE: Giving Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited Advice: Latinos, by nature, are kindhearted people. We care about things most people don't. We also think we're blessed with wisdom, so much that when something goes wrong with someone, we think our wise words will do some serious healing to wounded souls. Remember the post on Latinos being too opinionated? Well, when we give advice (unsolicited one at that) we tend to go overboard. Sometimes we just need to vent and have someone listen. This however, will not happen if you're letting steam out in front of a Latino. Not only will we listen, we will also give you advice loaded with opinions for gratis.


  • Lisa: I fought with David again.
  • Rosa: Ay nena, again? He's such a loser! When are you going to take that invisible blindfold off and realize he slept with everyone and their momma?! He treats you like dirt anyway, don't know why you're even wasting your time girl. And you sure as heck ain't getting any younger.

See. Rosa could not just hear a friend out, she had to throw her two cents in and say what her personal feelings on the matter is. Nonetheless, this is not as bad as walking in a room and having the least fashionable person there give you advice.


  • Linda: Ana, did you color your hair? You should've tried another shade. That brown is too dull.
  • Ana: Who the hell do you think you are-- SAMY? Quien c***jo te pregunto?!
Ah, that's more like it!

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