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LOVE: Giving REAL Hugs

Hugs. We love giving hugs. Latinos are affectionate people. We already told you that when we meet someone we love greeting them with a hug or a kiss, or both. Latinos not only give hugs, they hug people like no one else does. We love giving REAL hugs. We are expert huggers! We give those meaningful embraces that you just could feel the LOVE.

Personally, I give those tight hugs that barely let you breathe. I hate it when people give me fake hugs. As a matter of fact, I don't ever deal with such people or let them come near me. If you can't give a real hug to someone, then don't hug them. I detest those hugs where people keep a distance as if you were a walking plague and then they give you a few taps on your back. That's the most hypocritical hug ever. Eh, what am I complaining about? It can be worse, nothing beats the Oprah hug.

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