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LOVE: Feasts

You already know we love to party, dance, and eat (not necessarily in that order). When I say we like to eat, we LOVE to eat like royalty. When we throw a party, we cook or hire caterers to make only the best food money can buy. From h'orderves to pork, rice, salads, steak, desserts of all sorts, drinks, you name it (if is edible and scrumptious) we'll have it. I have to say, I learned the hard way not everyone parties like us. When one of my gringo buddies invited me to his nephew's birthday party, I decided to starve since I figured there would be more than enough food to eat at the fest. When I arrived, they had a small home-baked cake, some chips, and soda. Helllooooo, where's the party at? A party without food is NOT a party. It gets better. The child's mom made salad. YES, just what every kid looks forward to— lettuce and tomatoes. I rushed out of there giving a poor excuse and headed to the nearest restaurant. A girl's gotta eat!

LOVE: Chick-O-Stick

LOVE: Caña (Sugarcane)