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LOVE: Eyeliner

Latinas LOVE eyeliner! Eyeliner is a must-have on our list of necessary things. We need eyeliners in our lives just as much as we need oxygen and water. What's the point of survival if you can't look good while alive, helllloooo? Eyeliner brings out our beautiful eyes, outlines their shape, and gives us the naughty nena I want to strip your clothes off and spank you type of look. Well, maybe I went a bit overboard, but is not far from the truth. Eyeliners are excellent (especially the kohl-kajal ones *ahem*) for a bold look, to create fake beauty marks a la Marilyn Monroe, and sometimes to... yup, you guessed it, outline our lips (so they can look fuller and sexier)!

LOVE: Flag Necklace

LOVE: Push-up Bras