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LOVE: Thin Eyebrows

Latinos LOVE thinning their eyebrows. It is not only the women who go for the Sharpie eyebrows, but the men too! Latino men like plucking/waxing their eyebrows, some of them do it so well, it gives me a bit of envy. I quickly approach them and ask who does their sweat stoppers. I am a fashion reviewer and a fashionista to the core, but I have a confession to make: ladies and gentlemen, I too, at one point in my life suffered from the Sharpie syndrome *I bow my head in shame*. It was a VERY long time ago (around the time fairy tales were invented) and I swore I looked HAWT! I will not post pictures since I am more than certain I burnt them all. IF you know me, and you have images of me with such eyebrows, please note I will hunt you down and exterminate you before you show them to anyone, just because I am utterly shallow.

Lesson learned my friends, I now let the professionals thread them.

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