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LOVE: Saying everything is Expensive

Colored-Sale-TagsWe believe everything is expensive. Okay. Not everything. Latinos love a good bargain and when something is not cheap affordable that really pisses us off! Latinos love to SPEND money, but we're quite smart shoppers (we became experts after being fooled so many times before by those retailers who robbed us). Fool a Latino once shame on YOU. Fool a Latino TWICE shame on our entire generation.

We know where to find a bargain, and if you're not willing to negotiate, we will not only tell you we'd buy it somewhere else, we'll also tell you where you can shove it. We find all things expensive! If it's not practically free, is too pricey. The dilemma here is that good deals aren't good enough for us. Even me! I went the other day to a store to purchase a deodorant and I found a pack of 2 deodorants for $7.00!!! My niece nearly died laughing when I said, "Nena, eso está CARO!"

LOVE: Holidays

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