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LOVE: Dressing Up

Latinos love dressing up. And they are ALWAYS looking for an excuse to dress nicely/buy a new outfit.

  • Baptism?  []
  • New Year's Eve/Day (Noche Buena)/Año Nuevo? []
  • Christmas? []
  • Birthdays? []
  • Parties? []
  • BBQ?  []
  • Church? []
  • Valentines day? Good Friday? []
  • Easter (Super special occasion for most of us)?  []
  • Bridal/Baby Showers? []
  • Weddings? []

And when I say dress up nice I'm being modest. Latinos dress super nice, this means lots of glitter, shine, and gold!

LOVE: Cigars

LOVE: Pork Fried Skins (Chicharrón)