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LOVE: Diets

LATINOS love diets! Doesn't everybody? Yes. Especially, Latinos. Hence, our sexy, curves and svelte figures! Latinos are ALWAYS on a diet. Have you ever invited a Latino over for dinner and offer them a plate of food. But they hesitate because they are "on a diet"? Then they relinquish. They eat some. Then they ask you for a little bit more. Then just a tad bit more. And then they say, "Ya! Me vas a engordar (you may be too late for that). Estoy en una dieta!" Then they mention how good the food was.

Out of courtesy, you test your luck and offer them some more and they reply, "Un poquito mas y ya mas nada. Solo un poquito mas." Then as they chew away they will start rambling about this diet they've been on for a year, but they haven't seen any results. And you'll be like, "Oh really! Y cómo así?"

LOVE: Playing The Lottery

LOVE: Beer (Cerveza)