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LOVE: Cursing You Out In Spanish

Latinos LOVE cursing you out in Spanish. We're sure you have done it, don't lie!

NOT all Latinos speak Spanish and if we do we may not speak it well, and if we do speak it well, the Spanish language has so many different dialects we still may NOT understand each other. The Spanish language from each Latin American country differs greatly that two Latinos from two different countries conversing may have a difficult time understanding each other. For instance, someone from Mexico can insult someone from Argentina (not that that would ever happen in real life, Latinos love each other deep down inside) and both parties can use terminologies that neither of them comprehend.

I will use an example. One time (a very long time ago) I cut someone off on the road. Turns out it was a Latina. She went livid! She pulls up right next to my car, rolls down her window and starts yelling, "Chingada Madre Pinche Puñetas!" I felt insulted, but not because of what she said to me, but rather, I didn't understand a word she said. I felt like a FAKE Latina. No comprende! So, I answered in my most valiant Spanglish ever, "F*** off and learn how to keep up, pendeja!" I have to say it was rather weak, but I tried!

Gosh, I love my people even more when they are feisty! Grrr!

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