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LOVE: Crucifixes

LATINOS love Crucifixes. Crosses are sacred to most Latinos. It is believed, by the Latinos who happen to be Christians/Roman Catholics that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was crucified on a cross. Out of remembrance and as a form of worship, Latinos have the utmost respect for the cross. To the point that they wear up to 10 rosaries around their neck, kiss it, and believe it brings them some sort of good luck and blessings.

Latinos will wear a cross to sleep. Or have it engraved on their clothes. They may hang one on their wall (or many ALL around the house). And some will even tattoo it on their bodies. The funny thing about all this is that usually the most sinful, piece of crap, worthless a$$h@le (literally, satan is his underling) is the one who wears tons of crosses on him as if it will save his devilish arse.

Making one want to scream, "You'll need more than a cross to save you buddy. You need JESUS!"

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