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HATE: Commercials that Degrade Latinos

commercial to attract latinosIt truly is a nuisance when companies produce commercials by hiring Latinos to endorse a product portraying Hispanics as if they're uneducated and inept. From the big screen to the small screen it is not acceptable. Especially, when it is a firm or company that doesn't hire minorities, but one to be the representative of all. They employ these actors/employees and have them speak rather loudly or in ebonics to attract the Latino audience (recommending their service). I do NOT and will NOT support any business that uses this method of advertisement. It is degrading and shameful to our people. We're not buffoons. Such commercials aren't only stereotypical they also lack creativity. No, I'm not calling 1-800- LOLITA because she recommends an attorney or doctor nor am I buying anything from any company/organization that depicts Latinos in a negative way.

Ismael Miranda (El Niño Bonito de la Salsa)

R.I.P. Cheo Feliciano