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LOVE: Chimichurris

Chimichurris is a delicious Dominican burger. We are referring to the Latino burger of all burgers, the mother burger. Chimichurris is the best snack dish you can eat after a night of clubbing, drinking and smoking whatever elevates your spirits. This burger is made out of ground beef, our *secret* mayo/ketchup sauce, shredded cabbage, onions, vegetables and tomatoes (ingredients may vary). This is by far the best tasting burger we've ever had, that or the munchies made us believers. We prefer to believe the former and you would too if you tasted it. They are highly popular in the Dominican Republic, but if you can't travel to DR, no worries, there's a little DR in the United States a.k.a. Washington Heights in New York City.

Chimichurris are very popular in Manhattan. This is why they are sold strictly in food trucks that stay open even after midnight. And they are huge competitors to neighboring restaurants. A food truck that sells Chimichurris can make as much money if not more than a restaurant, that's how good they are! When you go buy a Chimichurris you need to come hungry and come prepare— to wait that is. The lines at those trucks are longer than the ones at the immigration service center. But Latinos don't care, we tend to have patience for a good piece of anything.

If you're scared of the Heights— don't be. It is not a ritzy neighborhood. But hey, it's worth getting your purse snatched just for a bite of the delectable and mouthwatering Chimichurris!

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