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LOVE: Cepillín

Cepillín is a Mexican clown played by Ricardo González Gutiérrez. Gutiérrez was born on February 7, 1946 in Monterrey, Nuevo León. He is a dentist, singer, TV host and actor. He got his start as a dentist and he painted his face to be more kid friendly when he worked on the children's teeth. When a local television network interviewed him he caught the attention of the media gaining him recognition and later his own educational show, El Show de Cepillín. Cepillín derives from cepillo (brush) as in cepillo de diente (toothbrush). Gutiérrez is still with us residing in Mexico. He survived two heart attacks, but his current health condition, thankfully, is now stable. We love Cepillín!

Image Source: Cepillin.tv

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