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LOVE: Carnicerias

meat-lrCarnicerias: Latinos love carne on their women and on their plates! If you are one of the few Latinos who is a vegetarian, well this excludes you, more power to you and we hope you're stacking up on another source of protein. I have to say that most Latinos (Not all, don't go batsh!t crazy on me deer dear animal lovers!) LOVE meat. And we sure as hell don't mind killing those poor little yummy creatures for a nice feast. Bistec Encebollado (Steak with onions), Pernil (Pork), Pollo (Chicken) you name it we'll eat it! Where else can we find meat if not at our local supermarket? Well, at a carniceria of course! I always found carnicerias creepy. It was SCARY seeing those animals all so dead and bloody hanging off a hook. Even more alarming were the customers looking at the meat salivating who'd say, "Dame 5 libras de ese, se ve fresquecito!" I must add that the meat vendors are quite generous and fair with the pricing. They offer "meat packages," No lie. $49.99 will get you the works: 5lbs. of chicken, 3lbs. of steak, 4lbs. of ham, 6lbs. of turkey and a COKE! (The # of pounds is a hyperbole, but not far from the truth!)

Latinos aren't meaty for no reason. When I was a little girl, I remember walking into those places and gagging. I felt bad for those animals, of course after my mom cooked them, I didn't feel so bad for them afterwards (it's the thought that counts). If you love meat, that's fine, slaughter away. Whatever floats your boat we're quite okay with (just don't quote us on that).

Eat up, or in PETA's better choice of words, "Enjoy it, Animal Killerrr!"

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