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LOVE: El Car Wash

Car wash: Latinos are clean people, though we're really good at being dirty. *wink*wink* We're also flashy people. We love to shine on you whether it is with our bling blanged out jewelry or our cars. A Latino's car has to be clean and shiny like its owner. This is why we love the CAR WASH! No, not just any car wash, we love "the" car wash.

We prefer car wash places where Paco and his buddies clean your metal boat of love with their hands giving it a nice massage. Grrr. Frisky Paquito! Good job nene, mira, espera, you missed a spot! Have you ever noticed how the workers clean the corroded cars fast and sloppy, but they take their precious time cleaning luxury cars? Almost making passionate love to the 4 wheeler as they glide that giganormous sponge gently and romantically all over it.

It turns you on just watching it, doesn't it? Pervertido! Yeah Paco, dream about that mijo, she too can be yours papisongo. Damelo!

LOVE: Kola

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